Whether you’re planning a professional spray tan or choosing to glow it alone, these tips will guarantee an A-List skin finish worthy of your big day.

In the wedding build-up, for the best tan result, eat your greens – particularly spinach, kale and avocado. This will boost your L-lysine levels and ensure your tan result is smooth, even and long lasting. Drinking water is also key, not only will it keep your skin hydrated for the best tan finish, but it will brighten the whites of your eyes, give you a natural glow and generally keep your energy levels higher, which you’ll need with a wedding to plan! If you’re unsure about tanning, choose Vita Liberata Gradual Tan Lotion that can be built up over a few days. This way, you can apply it like a body lotion in the days leading up to your wedding day, for a subtle sunkissed glow with no chance of transfer onto your dress.
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If you’re visiting a salon to cheat your tan, ask if they offer Invisi Spray Tan. This is the best way to ensure absolutely zero transfer onto that beautiful white dress. Vita Liberata’s Invisi-Tan is a completely clear solution that develops your tan over 4-8 hours with no bronzing guide colour that could discolour your dress. Are you planning to wear a strapless dress? If so, avoid wearing a bra for 48 hours prior to the big day, especially if you’re planning to have a professional spray tan applied. This will sure your skin is smooth and prepared for tanning, so you won’t be left with any strap line marks on the big day.

Body Blur is a great last minute skin finish for brides. Used sparingly, it offers photo-ready skin by blurring blemishes, masking imperfections and reflecting light. It will lift your tan result, adding a bb-style skin finish with added radiance.

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Trystal™ Minerals is a fabulous addition to your wedding morning make up routine. As a stunning mineral bronzer, it will add definition and radiance to your facial features, but with an added touch of revolutionary lasting tan – it will give you the perfect, glowing start to your honeymoon too!

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