Lights, camera, GLOW

Team Vita Liberata spent last week in the glamorous town of Hollywood ahead of the 2018 Oscars and three very exciting new collection launches!

Body Blur Sunless Glow

Our latest innovation is the ultimate multi-tasker – it’s a body makeup and self tanner in one! Enjoy all of the instant skin perfecting benefits of Body Blur, now with an added lasting tan! Apply just like Body Blur for instant smoothing, bronzing and flawless skin. Leave on for 6-8 hours whilst the tan develops, then rinse off to reveal a lasting colour!

Beauty Blur

You love Body Blur so much – and show us how you love to use it in makeup looks as a primer, highlight and glowy base – that we decided to make a version especially for your face! Available in 5 shades, Beauty Blur optimizes skin tone, gives a natural tint, blurs imperfections and is a perfect primer! Hello, no-makeup glow!

New shades of Body Blur

We know just how much you love Body Blur, (we do too!) and you asked for more options, so we’ve created two brand new shades for you to choose from. Cafe Creme – our lightest shade, which is perfect for paler skin tones and those who want a hint of a tan with a flawless glow. And Latte Dark – in between Latte and our darkest shade, Mocha. It’s perfect for deeper, olive skin tones or those who want a deep dark glow.

Read on to take a glimpse behind the scenes of our red carpet inspired photoshoot ahead of this weekend Oscars, featuring 5 very familiar faces.

CC Mason spotted getting glowy behind the scenes with celebrity Makeup Artist Allan Avendano using our brand new, lightest shade of Body Blur; Café Crème.

Allan Avendano gives In the Frow AKA Victoria Magrath the ultimate body glow (that lasts!) using our brand new Body Blur Sunless Glow in shade Latte Light.

Hello face GLOW! Allan Avendano gives Laura Lee the ultimate glowing complexion using brand new Beauty Blur in shade Latte.
Melissa Alatorre is all about the glow in our new Body Blur Sunless Glow! It’s a body makeup and self tanner in one – enjoy all of the instant skin perfecting benefits of Body Blur, now with an added lasting tan!

Natural Neiicey AKA Shaneice Parkin is given the ultimate glow-over & flawless complexion using brand new Beauty Blur in shade Mocha.

And the finished look…

Move over Oscar nominees, say hello to the new IT list – we transformed five of our favorite beauty influencers into their Hollywood icon!

Laura Lee as Jennifer Lopez, Melissa Alatorre as Eva Longoria, Victoria Magrath as Gwyneth Paltrow, CC Mason as Emma stone and Shaneice Parkin as Luptia Nyong’o.

Discover more about our brand new products used at the shoot at

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Body Blur Sunless Glow £32.50 available at
Body Blur Café Crème & Body Blur Latte Dark £29.95 available at