Questions about toxic chemicals in skincare hit the headlines in 2012 and Vita Liberata CEO Alyson Hogg was immediately concerned. Further research by Alyson led to a passionate determination to create a truly non-toxic tanning and skincare range. Alyson says “At first I thought that the concerns were overstated but the more I learnt, the greater the passion grew to create a high performance tanning range that was truely non toxic. It took 18 months, but I think we have achieved our goals.” Vita Liberata looked at the ingredients in other tanning products, and discovered that every brand they checked contained at least some of the ingredients on the toxic list. As Vita Liberata became the only completely non-toxic tanning brand in the world, some of the top spas in the world which will not use toxic products, including the Four Seasons George V and Cobella, Selfridges, chose to stock our tanning and skincare products. The toxic ingredients, while fairly innocuous in themselves, can create carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde when combined in a formula. “Clearly, if this can be avoided by using other non toxic ingredients, then I see it is my responsibility as a formulator to do so. Yes it takes hard work, research and time but the non toxic results are definitely worth it.” Organic and non toxic products have previosuly been associated with less effective performance, but Vita Liberata ensured that the final products are actually better than before, as well as containing none of the toxic ingredients found in other tans. For the benefit of our consumers we have listed the toxic ingredients that together are believed to have carcinogenic or allergenic effects.” View the Toxic List and Vita Liberata’s ingredients here >> PRESS & MEDIA ENQUIRIES: PLEASE CONTACT CLAIRE TONER AT CLAIRE@VITALIBERATA.COM OR 028 9334 4411