It’s every bride’s goal to be glowing from the inside out on their big day…. and a Vita Liberata Spray Tan can help to do just that.

A subtle, faux glow is a surefire way to get you feeling your best on your wedding day, after all, a natural-looking tan enhances skin against a classic white, cream or ivory dress. Giving your skin a healthy boost of colour can not only help body confidence shine through at a special event, but also give you a flawless – and most importantly – an evenly toned, tan for the big day. Whilst a holiday tan can leave you with strap marks and lighter areas, a Vita Liberata spray tan will give you a smooth, even tan all over.

One lifestyle blogger who knows the power of a natural-looking tan on their wedding day is Gluten Free Fi. As an advocate of clean skincare and beauty products, Fi chose to get glowing with a Vita Liberata Luxury Spray Tan ahead of her wedding.


Our signature formula is the world’s first to be completely non toxic and odourless. Choose a Vita Liberata Luxury Spray Tan and benefit from an all over body treatment thanks to nourishing and organic ingredients, a super natural looking colour, an even and streak proof finish that fades as a real sun tan would after 7-10 days.

Before your spray tan… remember prep your skin by exfoliating the day before using an oil free scrub like our Superfine Skin Polish. Make sure your skin is as product-free as possible on the day, and wear loose, dark clothing.

After your spray tan… remember to moisturise daily using an oil free moisturiser like our Moisture Boost Body Treatment to maintain your glow. Eating your greens and drinking lots of water will also help to prolong your tan.

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